requiem for a sin

The Forest

The group went into the forest ______. Upgraded the 2 main light horses to for 3 light war horses (better carrying capacity.) Finally bought a map. Killed 3 trolls. Reached the Eris last civilized city before the horde. Zed had to purchase a permit to tell fortunes. (Lv up)


Looking into who payed the assassins in Veris. Cade (halfling Scout) killed one of the councilmen. Upgraded the Carriage defenses, added windows with turreted light crossbows.

Finished trying to learn more about the assassination of the king. Picked up a Cleric (PC) from the city guard. Started a several month long journey into the wastelands. A few weeks into the journey the group came upon a deserted town and were attacked by 5 marauders. The group burnt down the deserted town and continued on their journey.

deity wish

The king was assassination on his coronation day. The temple guardian was murdered and the scythe she protected is missing. what is this scythe? The caravan stopped at a small town and stayed a couple of days. This town is on the edge of a lake that hidden on it is the sanctuary of Elona goddess of the woods. During their stay Cade swam to the Elona’s Isle and was blessed with passage through the impassable fog to the island. Cade meet with Elona and was tasked with finding an elderly woman a few miles away and do everything in his power to help her. With this quest from the goddess Elona herself Cade set back out across the lake in search of Zed. Mean while Zed after meditating through a dance of blades meets a very young bronze dragon.

Cade finds Zed talking to himself and the group found the old lady and assisted her in her task. The old lady sent the group to a library to learn more about the scythe. The party finds out that the scythe is a plane destroying weapon with a mind of its own and it seeks to release its master.

The group can either go into the wastelands in search of the army that the scythe would need to form to release its master or to travel to Veris to learn more about the assassination of the king.


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